Museo De Arte Contemporaneo Esteban Vicente

The Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Esteban Vicente opened in 1998 and honors the life and work of Esteban Vicente, as the only Spanish born member of the first generation of Abstract Expressionists. The museum is a collaboration between the Spanish government and the Vicentes, with Harriet and Esteban generously donating 150 works to establish the museum’s permanent collection. In addition to exploring Esteban’s contributions to art through presentations of his work and scholarly publications, the museum’s programming includes exhibition collaborations with other Spanish cultural institutions, as well as exhibitions featuring contemporary Spanish artists, lectures, recitals, and other cultural activities.

Not far from Esteban’s birth place of Turégano, Spain the museum is located in Segovia. Situated within the restored medieval palace of King Henry IV the museum is encompassed by the Old Town of Segovia, a UNESCO designated World Heritage Site. Visitors will enjoy tranquil and modern exhibition spaces along with a Renaissance chapel, which serves as the museum’s auditorium and event space. The museum’s intimate garden is the final resting spot for Harriet and Esteban Vicente’s ashes.

Museo de Arte Contemporáneo
Esteban Vicente

Plazuela de las Bellas Artes s/n.
Segovia 40001
Telephone: (+34) 921 46 20 10